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Sydney - 2016

In December Sue and Michael booked an appointment at the French Consulate-General in Sydney to present their Long Stay visa application. The documentation was extensive and took a few months to put together. They were very excited and got all dressed up, expecting an interview. Instead they were seen at a counter reminiscent of a 1950s bank teller! The whole experience of being finger-printed, photographed etc only took an hour for both, which left plenty of time to do the things they love in Sydney. To begin, the trip was celebrated with a bottle of Pol Roger at the Oyster Bar Restaurant.

A highlight of the fleeting trip to Sydney was a well-timed visit to the Cruising Yacht Club (CYC), the organizing club for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race. This coincided with a race between the maxi-yachts and the teams were all in the bar at the club. Michael was thrilled to meet Mark Robinson, the skipper of Wild Oats.  The Treasurer of the CYC said to Michael that he could always get entry to the CYC because his name was recorded as a Sydney-Hobart competitor and ‘he was part of the family’. It was a stunning summer’s night and Sue and Michael spent several hours on the deck of the CYC enjoying the race atmosphere.


Sydney 2015

Sue was in denial about turning 60, so decided to escape the event by spending Christmas 2015 in Sydney.

Christmas Day was celebrated with a gorgeous seafood lunch and French champagne at the Oyster Bar, right on the water in Sydney Harbour with a view of the famous bridge.

Boxing Day, always our favourite day of the holiday season, was even better this year. We decided to watch the start of the Sydney-Hobart , in which Michael competed in 1992 and 1993, from the water. The noise of the helicopters, the shouting of the skippers, the wind in the sails and boats only metres away made the start both exciting and spectacular.

A bit like the beer ad, Michael’s mate Sandy and wife Larraine just happened to be in Sydney at the same time, so we had the chance to meet up with friends and try some great restaurants.

In spare minutes Sue did her usual pilgrimage to the art galleries and Michael to the Cruising Yacht Club.


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