Champagne Motorhome

Our first night in the motor home was spent in an aires, or allowed parking spot without services. Most camping grounds don't open until April, so finding a place to stay has been tricky. Just as well our motor home is so comfortable, it doesn't really matter where we are.

The motor home is highly computerised, all run from a little panel above the fridge.

One sunny day in Epernay we enjoyed a tour and tasting at Moet & Chandon. A fascinating way th spend a couple of hours.

There are 110 km of caves under the city of Epernay, holding some 200 million bottles of champagne.

We think Dom Perignon, the inventor of champagne, is a true genius worthy of a memorial. We also went to the little village of Hautvillier where he is buried.


Reims is also a gorgeous city and it's where Grubie had her first go at being a tourist. She enjoyed her walk around Reims cathederal and sipping champagne in the sunshine.

After visiting the old town of Troyes, we continued to Dijon. We all did the 'owl walk' which is a self-guided tour around the town and its major attractions. It takes a few hours and the history is incredible! The four dukes of Burgundy had their capital in Dijon and it was a centre for the arts, probably one of the first examples of 'patronage' as an important arts concept.

Driving west from Champagne through Burgundy we see just one charming village after another. We stopped for lunch in an ancient town, walking up moss-covered steps and around the cathederal to join the locals in a little bistrot for lunch. We have nearly come to grips with the whole of France shutting down between 12 and 2:00pm for lunch, but we can't quite get the hang of eating the three-course 'plat du jour' every day.

We even ran into a wedding procession - but not literally!

On the road to Auxonne we travelled for miles through an avenue of ancient moss-covered trees.

We spent a night next to the Loire River, in the town of Nevers on our way to Limoges.

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