Welcome to Woolly's Bar & Grill

Woolly's Bar & Grill (est. 1998) was never a real bar, it was a funny knickname for our backyard in Adelaide, coined because we entertained so much. It has always had it's own brand/logo.

We closed Woolly's Bar & Grill when we sold the house and came to Europe to be Vagabonds.

Since then the Woolly's Bar & Grill has popped up in all sorts of countries and locations as we meet and enjoy partying with new people and old friends.

See our Vagablog for photos and stories of our adventures.


Italy May 2022

This is our third month living out of a suitcase rather than the luxury of our camping car, but the sights are making up for the inconvenience. We decided to visit major cities that would be a bit trickier in our camping car. We've spent a week each in Venice, Florence, the Chianti region and Rome.

To see stories and photos of how we amused ourselves go to the Vagablog



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