Welcome to Woolly's Bar & Grill

Woolly's Bar & Grill (est. 1998) was never a real bar, it was a funny knickname for our backyard in Adelaide, coined because we entertained so much. It has always had it's own brand/logo.

We closed Woolly's Bar & Grill when we sold the house and came to Europe to be Vagabonds.

Since then the Woolly's Bar & Grill has popped up in all sorts of countries and locations as we meet and enjoy partying with new people and old friends.

See our Vagablog for photos and stories of our adventures.


Spain and Portugal 2022

If there is a theme for our travels in October and November 2022 it would probably be 'horses and friends'. There were plenty of both, as well as wonderful scenery.

To see stories and photos of us in paradise go to the Vagablog



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